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What is Blood Type Life?

Spearheaded by Nicola Sainty Dip. NT, Blood Type Life is a health hub for everyone, after all, each and every one of us has blood flowing throughout our body! We make optimising your health easy through tapping into your epigenetic potential of your innate DNA. Our mission is to empower women and men to regain control of their own health path. The key to longevity, energy and vitality is in your blood! 


Nicola Sainty Dip.NT SoN mFNTP

Nicola Sainty is a professional Nutritional Therapist, an expert in Blood Type, supporting clients on a 1-1 and group format. She is passionate about training fellow health professionals in the power of Blood Type application when supporting a client back to health. Nicola has a gift for translating complex information into bitesize digestible chunks to ensure any learning journey, whether client or health professional, is an enjoyable one. She brings motivation, engagement, knowledge and empowerment through education. Nicola is also a tutor at The School of Health, taking pride in supporting Nutrition students achieve their goals.
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