Unlock your health potential, the key is in your blood...

Empower yourself by understanding your unique biological markers, your genetic constitution for the way you were designed to live....

Blood type is your constitution, preceding your ethnicity and more primitive than nationality.  It exceeds both these inherent factors. Each type within the ABO system developed as an adaptation to significant environmental changes throughout early humanity development, which symbolises the different characteristics found between Types. Our ancestors leave us an extraordinary, individual legacy etched within our Blood Type, forever living on in the nucleus of each and every one of our cells. Science and Anthropology meet here to make us who we are today.
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Work with one of our Health Professionals for full guidance and best results: 1-1 or group

Your Type, your Tribe

Work in your Type specific group for a fun, engaging and transformational journey.

Bespoke 1-1?

Work with one of our Health Professionals on a 1-1 basis for undivided attention.

Prefer flying solo?

Programmes have been carefully crafted to include all you need working solo.

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How does Blood Type Life help me regain & retain my health?

Spearheaded by Nicola Sainty, a professional Nutritional Therapist who has successfully helped hundreds of clients take control of their own health through specific progressive plans in a clinical setting, has translated this successful formula into an online format opening up access for all to reap benefits. Programmes have been designed to take you on a transformational health journey, understanding at a deep level the wide-reaching effects your blood type has throughout your physiology, combining core concepts and practical tools with real-life exercises. Working solo, journals and action books keep you firmly on track, working with a Health Professional upscales this with 1-1 or group coaching to guide and superspeed you to success. Starting today will change how you live your life! 

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Frequently asked questions

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How do the programmes work?

You'll start by understanding the core principles of your Blood Type and what it means for you, before moving on to focused dietary and lifestyle changes, putting key actions in place as you move along. A detailed segment on digestive health, immunity and stress cements the reason into the why you are undertaking this transformative journey.  By the end of the programme you will be living in alignment for your Type, feeding your DNA exactly what it needs in body and mind.

What do they include?

  • 1 x 14-Day Meal Planner
  • 2 x Plate Builder Guides
  • 1 x Ideal Snacks Guide
  • 1 x Exercise Planner
  • 1 x Water Tracker
  • 2 x Type-Specific Food Guides
  • Nutritional Overview
  • Journals & action books to record your journey
  • Full focused guidance from start to completion

How will I learn?

With multimedia tools such as video's, e-books, PDF's and downloads, you are fully able to take yourself through the programme, however for an interactive, guided experience, we recommend working with one of our Health Professionals who will dedicate 4 hours of their time to you! Immerse yourself in the journey, ask questions and interact with others.

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